Fog-System high-pressure sprayers are made from the very best stainless steel materials, designed exclusively for horticulture.

FOG-SYSTEM high-pressure sprayers are made from the very best stainless steel materials. They are designed exclusively to serve the horticultural industry. The system meets your specific requirements, ready to inject the appropriate amount of moisture. All components are made to measure, and delivered with a detailed manual. And so FOG-SYSTEM high-pressure spray materials are perfectly easy to assemble.

The operating pressure of the high-pressure system is anywhere between 70 and 120 Bar. This incredibly high amount of pressure, combined with the special stainless steel nozzles, ensures very fine mist consisting of 5 micron drops. The most important advantage of these tiny drops is that they are able to evaporate rapidly, never touching the crop.

We have designed every single component of these high-pressure sprayers (fog systems), we have tested them at length and built them ourselves.
The main benefits of our systems:
  • Optimum air humidity
  • Reducing room temperature
  • Less CO2 loss
  • Improved plant activity
  • Increased production and quality of your crops
  • Easy to assemble

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