JB Constructies is dedicated to constructions for almost any application: from pump frames to (stainless) steel and aluminium folded sheet.

JB Constructies is dedicated to building constructions for almost any application: from pump frames to (stainless) steel and aluminium folded sheet. We guarantee high-quality and reliable products with the right price-quality ratio. Our products are designed using the latest AUTOCAD 3D design technology.

We provide our customers with the right information and solid piece of advice, to take the right decision at all times. Using the right technical know-how, we are capable of manufacturing and delivering the right products for each application.

In addition to the delivery of constructions, we can perform welding repairs on site (e.g. undo leaks, make full installations). We are all-rounders, the sky is our limit. Please share your ideas, expectations, repair issues with us, we will be happy to offer you a satisfactory solution.


Our company was founded in 1982 by Cock van den Berg. Back then it was called Lasbedrijf Van den Berg. In 1982 we began to build greenhouse heating systems. On 4 December 1984, Cock van den Berg passed away. His son, Ferry van den Berg, took over.


In 2006, Ferry’s son, Jeroen, became co-owner and so we changed the name into Van den Berg Kasverwarming BV. In 2011, JB Groep took over Van den Berg Kasverwarming BV, changing the name once again into JB Constructies. Our team is a dedicated and passionate team, we have the right man at the right place. We mainly install systems at e.g. garden centres, horticulture, the manufacturing industry and also we make artwork using aluminium and (stainless) steel.

Reparations on site

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Reporting breakdowns?

Make sure you report breakdowns immediately, so we can offer a perfect solution in no time.

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