JB Pompen specialises in delivering and installing pumps as well as pumping systems for clean and contaminated water. We serve the manufacturing industry, contracting industry, VvE managements and the agricultural/horticultural sector.

JB Pompen is a service and trade company specialising in pumps that are appropriate for liquid transfer. A list of the pump manufacturers that we represent are provided in the chapter called “Products”. Our extensive range includes consumer market products, as well as products suitable for the manufacturing industry, greenhouses, swimming pools, wastewater management and machine constructors. JB Pompen has a very large programme with high-quality stainless steel products available within our private line “CH Pumps”. We also deliver the entire DAB, EBARA, SPECK & UDOR selection.

Our products are used across the agricultural and horticultural sector. When it comes to irrigation, drip systems, ebb/flood systems, products by CH Pumps, DAB and EBARA are quite common. By working closely together with engineers, our market share skyrocketed in recent years. Training staff and engineers is a matter of course, to offer your company and end users excellent services, today and tomorrow.

Some of the industries experiencing serious growth in recent years include the subcontracting industry, VvE managements and the manufacturing industry. Pressurisation, wastewater and high-pressure systems are included in our delivery package. 

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